$950 per month

Fee covers boarding, feeding and riding each horse for 1 month. Due the 1st of each month and charged in advance to cover monthly expenses. Horses in training are ridden 5 days per week. Stalls and outdoor turn outs with shelters are available.

Training Disciplines Include: Reining

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$500 per month

Boarded horses will recieve Purina Strategy feed along with prairie grass hay. Alfalfa hay is also available. Stalls and outdoor turn outs with shelters are available; however, availability of stalls may vary.


$60 per hour

Lessons are given on an availability basis.


$50 per horse / per day

Fee pertains is per horse/day at show and including days traveling to and from the show. Stalls, entry fees, judges fees and office charges are all to be paid by the horse owner. Mileage to and from show is charged at .55¢ per horse/ mile. Hotel and meal expenses while traveling and showing are split between customers' horses.


Sherman Tegtmeier

Matt Phillips

TC Snyder


Dr. Carl Martin **All horses that arrive at the farm need to be vaccinated before arrival. If they have not been vaccinated it will be done upon arrival. Necessary vaccinations include: Eastern / Western Encephalomyelitis, Flu, Tetanus, Rhinopneumonitis, Strangles and West Nile virus. Horses are wormed and given Flu/Rhino booster shots every 3 months.

Nebraska Equine Vet Clinic:  Dr. Mike Black, Dr. Kim Conover, Dr. Matt Thomelson