Name Age/Color/Sex Sire Dam-Dam's Sire Price Video
4 & Older
  Chexalena Whiz  2009/Sorrel/Mare  Wrangle Whiz  -Smart Little Lena  $7,500   
  Sheez Hell On Heels  2010/Sorrel/Mare  Shiners Lil Jaguar  Miss Pro Bars-  Call For Price  Video 
  Highbrow Fancy Step  2013/Buckskin/Gelding  RC Fancy Step  Cat Smarty-Highbrow Cat  $20,000   
  Peaches N Legend  2010/Sorrel/Mare  Custom Legend  -Crome Plated Jac  20,000   
  Whiz Be Shiney  2011/Sorrel/Mare  Shiners Lil Jaguar  Whiz Be Nimble-Topsail Whiz  $10,000  Video 
  Jacs Electrolena  7/Sorrel/Gelding  Jacs Electric Spark  -Doc Olena  $25,000   
Three Year Olds
  Hollywood Blvd  2014/Red Dun/Stallion  Hollywoods Tinseltown  Justwatchwhatigot-Shiners Lil Jaguar  $20,000   
Two Year Olds
  Hell In Wranglers  2015/Sorrel /Filly  Breakout Wrangler  Sheez Hell on Heels-Shiners Lil Jaguar   $7,500   
  Breakout n Hollywood   2015/Sorrel/Stallion  Breakout Wrangler  Miss Moonlight Chic-Smart Chic Oleana  $15,000   
  Shiners Little Step  2015/Palamino/Stallion  Shiners Lil Jaguar  Make A Little Step-Wimpys Little Step  $5,000   
  Hell In Tinseltown  2017/Red Dun/Filly  Hollywoodstinseltown  Sheez Hell On Heels-Shiners Lil Jaguar  $15,000   
    2017/Chestnut/Filly  Smoking Whiz  Justwatchwhatigot-Shiners Lil Jaguar  15,000   
    2017/Chestnut/Filly  Shiners Lil Jaguar  Shesa Mega Jac-Martha's Mega Jac  $7,500   
    2017/Sorrel/Filly  Not Ruff At All  Peaches N Legend-Custom Legend  $15,000   
  Step Into My Dreams  2017/Palamino/Stallion  Magnum Chic Dream  Make A Little Step-Wimpys Little Step  $15,000   
  Hell In Starlight  2016/Bay/Filly  Starlights Boomernic  Sheez Hell On Heels-Shiners Lil Jaguar  $5000   
  Shiners Sugar Bear  2016/Sorrel/Stallion  Shiners Lil Jaguar  Peaches N Legend-Custom Legend  $10,000   
  Baby Shine  2016/Buckskin/Filly  Shiners Lil Jaguar  Larks Baby Step-Wimpys Little Step  $5000